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This Ackbar episode has got to be the funniest one I've seen so far. When Gen Fu said, "Double the fuck dragon pussy", I died of laughter. His face is super serious for no reason. I like watching these short flash animations. Well done!

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This, in my opinion, is the best Vete a la Versh flash of all time. I've watched this a few times because this flash gave me a good laugh. That poor penguin felt so awkward, hahaha!

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Hahaha, Mickey is gonna be a drug mule for minimum wage. Once he said that i died of laughter. Love the comedy in this flash. I recommend that you should continue this series because it is a really awesome series. Makes me laugh a lot and i need the few extra laughs.

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This was a good dress up, but had some flaws.

The design of the attires for Goku was great and seeing Goku drawn like that was pretty cool. The music was good, DBZ Cell Theme I believe. I kinda wanted more songs so that I won't get bored with this dress up. The mouse cursor made me computer lag a little bit. A dragonball cursor wouldn't have been a bad idea. This was a cool dress up. Lots of style and choices. Good Work dolls. :d

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Much better then the first.

Just the addition of having to add more walls is genius since the enemies won't come after you. The sound effects fitted perfectly and they sounded futuristic. I've been playing this game well over 10 minutes now and I'm hooked. Reminds me a lot of the original Xeno Tactic but a lot more stuff to offer. This game was fun. Liked the game play, graphics, and well, everything else. Nice going nowe! :D

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Best dress up game I've ever played.

Compared to all the other dress up games I've playing on Newgrounds, this was the best out out of them all. So many customizations, cloths, secrets, etc. I played the game for 5 minutes and I got money, which was pretty cool since I never expected to get money like that. The girl looked good and well as the flash itself. I was majorly impressed with this fine art of a flash. Sick Work Geneticeye! :D

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Love the flow. May I use this audio on my youtube video? I'll credit you and everything.

SRT-M1tch responds:

Sure thing man!

Hahaha, you got my head going up and down since it's quite hardcore for a video game song. Love how the guitar was played in this audio. I've always loved Sonic the Hedgehog remixes and this one is pretty good. A headbanger would definitely love to hear this track.

Things to improve on: I can't really think of anything that you can do to improve this audio. I just make the clarity a little better next time. Other then that, I liked this. Nice going Twone! :D

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-Seamonky: Review Request Club

Twone responds:

thanks bud :3

Seems like my reviews are getting a bit repetitive for your audio works but that's not a bad thing. Because all my reviews that I've been giving you have been really good. I just love her voice, she has got one hell of a gift. You also have a gift as well in playing the piano. I was kinda moving my head to how the piano was played.

Things to improve on: Nothing much really. I enjoyed this masterpiece. Brings out emotion and clarity. Nice going to the both of you again. lol

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-Seamonky: Review Request Club

Jabicho responds:

Thanks Seamonky!!

This song is very special, since it was our first collab together. I'm happy you liked it!
Thanks so much for your words, they're very inspirational!

I'm sure Tania will be happy reading you too! I'll tell her to check out your reviews =)

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This one is probably my favorite one out of all the chu's. MegaChu is the shit. I love how it's in a GIF form as usual. Colors are nice and the art is just fantastic Nice going Art!

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This artistic piece is very well done. Love the little lines that you put around him. Makes him seem like he's going into action mode. I wish there was color in this but black and white is fine with me. Nice going Stark!

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Stark-Heather responds:

Thanks very much!. It took me forever to get that action mode, lol. I just uploaded the color version

I like the idea that you created a mixture of Batman and Pikachu. Love how it moves as usual. You're art style is pretty cool as well. I like this. Nice going ART!

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