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It's been awhile

2016-03-31 23:54:33 by Seamonky

Long live Newgrounds. I don't come here often anymore but you guys can find me on Youtube and Xbox Live. Search for: Kofize

Ask me anything

2010-02-15 23:19:44 by Seamonky

Go on!

Newgrounds is the best site.

2009-12-17 18:30:45 by Seamonky

Agree or die... Nuff said.


2009-08-23 22:46:03 by Seamonky


Katamari Videos

2009-05-27 11:08:38 by Seamonky

This King of Cosmos finally shows off his magnificent skills.
-These 2 below are the best quality.

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Other then that, it seems like I'm back on NG! :D

Am I alive.

2009-04-05 23:08:13 by Seamonky

I dunno. I'm come back soon.... still moderating though.

Coversation Blog Topic/Stats

2007-07-20 15:57:34 by Seamonky

This blog will officially be a conversation room to chat with Seamonky and other NG members. You guys could ask questions, talk about whatever you want, etc. By the way, you people could post more then once in my blog. I will always respond to the comments no matter how shitty they are (Besides Spam). If you are abusing and sending hate to any members, especially me, you will get banned by me for all eternity. I hope this idea will be successful. So folks, get talking now! >:)

Check out my Beautiful Katamari leaderboard records on Youtube please. Leave comments too... FWhc xzNg

"My 2009 Resolutions"
#1: Making videos showing most of my Beautiful Katamari Records in action.
#2: Have a tone, sexy body. Staying in shape and going for a see able 6 pack abs.
#3: Get my drivers license...

A Beautiful Katamari Record I recorded. FINALLY! :D

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King of the Clubs and Crews!

2007-07-18 12:44:28 by Seamonky

-Bow down to one of the best Club and Crewers on Newgrounds.
-Leave a comment in my profile. I will always respond to them no matter how shitty they are. :D